Arvesta Announces Registration of BELAY™ Insecticide

SAN FRANCISCO (March 23, 2005) – Arvesta Corporation recently announced the federal Section 3 registration of BELAY™ Insecticide for broad-spectrum insect control in tobacco. BELAY, a Clothianidin-based insecticide, provides systemic control of sucking and piercing insects as well as suppression of certain Lepidoptera species.

"We're very excited about the registration of BELAY which supports our strategy for growth in the specialty crops market," said Elin Miller, president and CEO of Arvesta.

According to Tom Justmann, vice president, specialty, “The registration of BELAY is certainly welcome news for U.S. tobacco growers. With its unique biological activity, BELAY provides growers with an excellent crop protection tool at a time when some older compounds are being phased-out due to regulatory pressures or a drop-off in performance.”

Product manager Tom Kroll noted that BELAY offers tobacco growers several important benefits. "It’s a new generation insecticide that provides broad-spectrum control and residual activity. Along with its documented insect control and its resistance management benefits, BELAY also features an excellent safety profile."

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