Arysta expands global specialty crops portfolio: Buys Enzone®, a soil fumigant, from DuPont

TOKYO, October 27 – Arysta LifeScience Corporation has unveiled a significant addition to its growing portfolio of products for the global specialty crops sector.

The company announced the worldwide acquisition of Enzone®, a soil fumigant. The transaction, effective September 29, 2004, and expected to be completed by year’s end, involved Arysta’s Calliope SAS (France) subsidiary and Entek Corporation, a wholly owned affiliate of DuPont.

This is the second significant purchase for Arysta in recent weeks. Yesterday, the company announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire main agricultural chemical assets of Monsanto’s Chile-based Moviagro subsidiary.

Enzone® (Sodium Tetrathiocarbonate) is a patent protected soil fungicide and nematicide, used to control Phylloxera and Armillaria on grapes, Phytophthora on citrus and a wide range of plant parasitic nematodes on high value perennial crops such as trees, fruits and vines.

Enzone® is currently registered in the U.S., Spain, France, Greece, Chile, New Zealand and Morocco. Its annual global sales revenue is approximately US$4 million at the dealer level, with the USA, Spain and France accounting for the majority of the revenue.

According to Arysta’s President and CEO Dr. Christopher Richards, the Enzone® acquisition is in line with Arysta’s new strategic focus.

“Arysta has ambitious growth plans. The addition of Enzone® advances our position on several levels,” says Dr. Richards. “First, it broadens Arysta’s specialty crops portfolio, our global focus, and complements our soil fumigant Midas (Iodomethane). Second, Enzone®’s international strength complements and enhances our global reach. Third, it highlights our strategy of growing through the acquisition of carefully selected products.”

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