Arvesta Mexico announces registration of CLUTCH® Insecticide

ACAPULCO, MEXICO (Sept. 17, 2004) - Arvesta Mexico recently announced the registration of CLUTCH® Insecticide for broad-spectrum insect control in potatoes, tobacco and ornamentals. CLUTCH, a Clothianidin-based insecticide, provides superior control of sucking insects and several Lepidoptera species.

"We're very excited about the registration of CLUTCH in our market," said Elin Miller, president and CEO of Arvesta. "CLUTCH, with its unique biological activity, provides Mexican farmers with an excellent crop protection tool for pest control."

The Arvesta team made the announcement at a recent launch party in Acapulco, Mexico. Members of the Arvesta team included Miller; Luis Villa, director; Hector Rubio, commercial manager; Raul Arriaga, development manager; and Nestor Castro, marketing manager, from Arvesta Mexico.

"CLUTCH is a new generation of insecticides that provides long-lasting residual activity," Villa said. "Along with its documented insect control and resistance management benefits, CLUTCH also features an excellent safety profile. Its 12-hour restricted entry interval (REI) and a 7-day pre-harvest interval (PHI) offer growers flexibility in their crop production."

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