A market-leading portfolio

From an established product line with approximately 3,600 product registrations covering more than 200 active ingredients, Arysta LifeScience offers growers worldwide a range of market-leading insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, biostimulants and value-added nutrients. Among our most important global products are:



Phenolate-based product that stimulates natural plant processes, allowing the full expression of the plant’s genetic potential, especially under stress conditions


Plant biostimulant obtained from exclusive vegetal sources that increase crop yield and marketable quality with application at flowering and fruiting stage


Versatile, broad-spectrum fungicide that provides season-long control of a variety of economically important diseases on fruits, vegetables and ornamentals and provides outstanding benefits in resistance management programs


Patented, flexible herbicide for sugarcane that effectively provides broad-spectrum weed control with a residual effect, even in dry growing conditions


Patented, selective, post-emergent herbicide for control of green foxtail, wild oats and certain broadleaf weeds in spring wheat, durum and winter wheat


Patented broad-spectrum strobilurin fungicide with plant health effects in a variety of crops


Foliar added-value nutrient based on the original association of folcystein and of macro/micro nutrients that helps plants manage abiotic stress


Broad-spectrum insecticide that offers highly cost-effective control through both contact and systemic activity to vegetables, soybeans, corn, cotton and ornamental crops


Combination of plant extracts, fulvic acid, zinc, amino acids and inositol to stimulate seed germination and root development


World-leading, post-emergent graminicide for use in broadleaf crops providing excellent crop safety and consistent control and a key tool in volunteer control and weed resistance management


We believe that the continued advancement of agriculture will depend on exploration and discovery of solutions that improve the health and ability of plants to use nutrients more effectively. At Arysta LifeScience, we are focused on identifying and bringing to market these options. In fact, 10% of our business comes from non-traditional crop protection solutions, such as biologicals and plant nutrients. 

In addition, off-patent products such as BANKO® Fungicide and LAVA® 800 Herbicide complement our global brands. BANKO, which contains the active ingredient chlorothalonil, is a broad-spectrum fungicide to protect cereals, vegetables, fruits, turf, lawns and ornamentals and for use in resistance management programs. LAVA 800, a WDG formulation that contains the active ingredient tebuthiuron, is a pre-emergent residual herbicide recommended for weed control in sugarcane crops. 

Our market development team is acutely aware of the evolving needs of growers and is continually working to bring products to market that meet the challenges of today’s agriculture.